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Purdue Fort-Wayne +130 over Green Bay
5:00 PM EST. The Mastodons of Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW) have traded wins and losses for a month, but that is a marketable improvement ...
Atlanta 1H Team Total over 62½ +105
7:00 PM EST. At this point, the identity of the Atlanta Hawks is no mystery. There?s a reason the Hawks have been...
Charlotte +13 -110 over Golden State
10:00 PM EST. The NBA market keeps getting the Hornets wrong. Regardless of what other analysts may think,...







Jan 31, 2024 05:28:47
Hey Guys, continued good work on the website and opinions. They are much appreciated. I believe your best asset is the transparency and keeping records of your plays. Anyone can spit out plays left and right and not be accountable to whether they come in or not?!?! You guys don't. It would be great though if you could update the "annual" or "calendar year" records by years for 2022 and now 2023 by sport, as you have a long track record of doing this and again it gives you the best of credibility for putting your money where your mouth is! (...good or bad!). Thanks, keep battling/grinding it out Guys!
Long time follower
Jan 8, 2024 17:18:18
RE: National Championship, :o) betting on kiddies is always, well, a gamble! They do the wildest things sometimes. Let?s hope the refereeing is decent tonight (that would go along ways) I don?t think Michigan wins by a landslide - either team may be in a position to have to pull a trick play to generate a change of momentum - I?m thinking we could see a ?field goal? difference in the final score - 31-28 seems possible - good luck to all
Jan 8, 2024 15:33:34
Just a little confused. On the site sherwood has Michigan But Farley had Washington on twiiter how do we know who To tail ? Is Finnie still involved? After 2 consecutive losing years Is there a consistent effort to change it up or to stick with it? Hope we Have a profitable year this year
Farley had two bets, one on each side, as he had a future @ +900 and then bet Washington PLUS the points.