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San Francisco +101 over Chicago
8:05 PM EST. Jordan Hicks (RHP - SF) will get his 15th start of the season after he gave up three runs on five hits over 4.2 IP versus...
Dallas/Boston under 211 -110
8:40 PM EST. The Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics are set for Game 5 in the NBA Finals series, with Boston up...
Dallas +6½ -102 over Boston
8:40 PM EST. The Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics are set for Game 5 in the NBA Finals series, with Boston up...







May 10, 2024 11:57:12
Your strategies and approcch are fresh, entertaining and educational. I have becomem a much better handicapper and I owe it all to you and your team. Keep up the great worlk Sherwood. You're a gem.
Greatly appreciate the kind words Aaron. You made our day! Thanks!
May 9, 2024 13:07:17
Todays San Fran you state they lost the first two games and are trying to get on the board. They won the first two games and are going for the sweep.Like seriously how do you miss that. Almost as bad when you had the Jay`s Yusei Kikuchi as a right hander and listed a bunch of stats pertaining to him being right handed. Very sloppy capping. Yes I know it`s free.
Do you have any idea how many stats, results and research we look up and write about every single day? Over the course of 365 days a year without a single day off, from time to time, we?re going to get something wrong. If this is what irks you, then fuck off. You think I care if you visit or read our stuff? I don?t. Yes, I know you?re an idiot.
May 3, 2024 06:40:51
Here's a helpful tip that I have found in this industry. Do not give a pick and have your first word "Hedging". "Hedging for OT might not be a bad idea tonight." Shows you lack confidence in your pick. Hope this helps.