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4 NBA Wagers
We?re playing four NBA games today and they?re all predicated on the same angle, thus instead of writing them up individually, we?re...






Jan 29, 2023 19:06:00
Funny how we all forgot about Cincy?s porous O-Line. Cincy was getting 5 points last week and only 2 today. Value play on home team. Surprised you went the other way.
No, what's funny is how you sent this about 45 minutes after the game started when Burrow was sacked twice and Cinci was having problems moving the ball. You're a fucking genius after the game started. I'll give you another 2 great plays today. Maple Leafs to beat Washington and Philadelphia to beat San Francisco. Jesus. Much like your other comments, re: Sabres going to back to the draft lottery after they lost 5 or 6 in a row. Stop playing results. Not a fucking word before that about Sabres not going anywhere. Not a fucking word about value on KC until after the game started. Stop already.
Jan 29, 2023 18:10:18
Woah, you nailed that Charlotte vs Miami pick today!...Pick on, mang!!!!
Thanks Sean
Jan 17, 2023 09:42:11
Name: Good Morning... Just wanted to shoot you an "ataboy" for your write up on the Tampa / Dallas game which was spot on....I did not know about Brady losing all that money n the FTX scandal which in turn made your analysis that much better. Thanks again and take care my friend
Thank you for saying so Jim. Brady is not going out in style.