was started in the summer of 2001 by Brian Steinberg (Sherwood) on his own. Sportswagers subsequently teamed up with sportsbetting guru Randall the Handle (randallthehandle.comin 2008 before the two entity's merged in 2010. From 2010 to 2012, Brian was an intergral contributor and lead handicapper on the Randall the Handle website. In 2013, Randall the Handle took on some other projects and could no longer devote his time to providing daily picks in all the major and college sports. Brian (Sherwood) is now proud to be back providing daily picks at our orginal home, We are now in our 14th year. 

Brian Steinberg (Sherwood)

Brian graduated from the Journalism program at Ryerson University in 1983. Brian or Sherwood, as he's known in many sports forums online, has been betting on sports professionally for the past 24 years. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the betting markets have made him one of Canada's most successful and renowned handicappers. Brian's work in handicapping sports and playing winning poker has been published in numerous magazines and sites, including Randall the, Card Player Magazine, Casino Traveller and The Gambling Magazine to name a few. Sherwood can be reached via email @ or you can follow him on Twitter @sportswagers3

Chris Farley

Chris is best-known for his unique takes in the sports betting world, mixing in psychology and situational advantages into his handicapping, along with traditional approaches. In a world that's overwhelmed and overly obsessed with mountains of data, Chris uses that data with efficiency while looking beyond the raw numbers. That's what's enabled him to be so successful on betting shows, in his career handicapping (57% over 2 years of NBA betting, 2021 Circa 5th place prize), and why he's garnered an audience on social media.

Remember, although many industry sharps will tell you there's one way to win, it's all still just theory. Data is built and based off historical data, which is never a seamless indicator of future results. Think beyond just data, incorporate all aspects of handicapping, including the human element of sports, and WIN! If you don't know how, we'll teach you!

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