NHL Playoffs - Game 5
Florida +150 over Toronto

Posted at 2:30 PM EST. Odds subject to change.

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Florida +150 over Toronto

7:10 PM EST OT included. Just what exactly have the Maple Leafs done to be favored in this range? If we are still basing market perception on regular season standing, now would be a good time to throw that B.S. right in the trash bin. 82 games played over six and a half months has about as much value as the quarter you have in your cargo shorts pocket.

Speaking of that quarter, let’s say we were to flip that coin 100 times. Well, if someone were to offer us +150 or thereabouts on that 50/50 proposition that would be a bet we’re going to make until somebody makes us stop.

Should the Maple Leafs be favored on their home ice? Sure. Give them a slight edge if you want, but that is not what is being presented here. The Panthers have been much the better side and the Leafs still have their backs up against the wall. When Round 2 started the Leafs were the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Those expectations now had the numbers to back them up. The mighty Bruins were disposed of and the path to Toronto’s first Cup since 1967 was as clear as it’s been in 30 years. The Panthers were a mere obstacle, but here we are, five games in, and the Cats should probably have already moved on to the Eastern Conference Finals. The Panthers are going to be an underdog in every game until this series is over, and at their inflated prices, we’re backing them until that happens.



Our Pick

Florida +150 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.00)

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Montreal +160 over Detroit