Vegas @ St. Louis
St. Louis +125 over Vegas

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St. Louis +125 over Vegas

7:07 PM EST. OT included. Betting on St. Louis is not a settling feeling. When you wager on the Blue Notes and the puck is in their end, you have to pray they get it out because their goaltending is so weak. It is not unusual for their goalies to give up six goals or to post a save % in the low .800’s. Despite unloading some key pieces at the deadline, the Blues still have a very good roster capable of beating good teams. St. Louis is coming off back-to-back wins so they have a bit of momentum coming into this one and they always get up to play the Golden Knights.

Vegas is on a roll with five wins in its last six games with only loss over that span occurring against the Panthers. The Golden Knights defeated Carolina not once but twice over that span (3-2 and 4-0), Tampa (4-3 in OT) New Jersey (4-3 in a SO) and Montreal (4-3). On paper it looks good but on the ice it does not. Vegas’ luck during this current good run on paper is off the charts.

See that 4-3 win over New Jersey? Vegas was outchanced and this is not a typo 54 to 22. See that win over the Bolts? Vegas was outchanced 28-10. See those two wins over Carolina? Vegas was outchanced by 10 in both games. In that 2-1 loss to Florida, Vegas was again outchanced by a dominating margin of 44-20. You would be hard pressed to find a team in the NHL, not San Jose, not Chicago, not Philadelphia or Montreal that is getting dominated on a nightly basis the way the Vegas Golden Knights are right now. However, their winning games and thus, the media and market believes they;re playing well. Vegas will play its fourth road game in a row, its third game in four nights here and the tail end of back-to-backs. Tired, extremely lucky and chasing the puck around for 60 minutes every night is going to catch up to this overvalued team at some point. We’ll put that to the test here.


Our Pick

St. Louis +125 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.50)

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