Seattle @ San Jose
San Jose +135 over Seattle

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San Jose +135 over Seattle

This wager is going to take us to San Jose, where the visiting Kraken are enjoying a breakout in year two, but situationally speaking, this looks like a tough spot for them to show up in anything more than body. The Kraken are coming off back-to-back home wins over Philadelphia (6-2) and Detroit (4-2). After this afternoon, Seattle will head back home for two more big home games against Eastern Conference competition when the Bruins and Maple Leafs visit the Emerald City. The Bruins are the top team in the league, while the Leafs always bring a bunch of fans to the barn. With Seattle’s close proximity to the 49th, don’t be surprised if the shade of blue is a little off in that game. See, it’s hard not to look forward to those games. We’re not even playing in them, and we're already excited to see how the Kraken stacks up against the mighty B’s but then it's the Maple Leafs.

The Sharks are absolute dregs, posting just 17 wins this season. We acknowledge that the Sharkies are totally in the tank for the Connor Bedard lottery, but there are many games to be played, and when the ping-pong balls settle in the draft lottery, things might look different. Moreover, the players that are suiting up for the Sharks at the moment probably aren’t that interested in the hopes and dreams of the front office. Hockey players are a different breed, and there is no quit in them.

The Sharks are 3-5-2 over their last 10 games, but had a bounce or two gone their way, they may have beaten the Red Wings or Hurricanes in those overtime games rather than lost them. San Jose may have also had better results in losses, where they outshot Buffalo and Pittsburgh. In that game against the Pens, San Jose outshot Pittsburgh by double digits (39-to-27). It looks bleak on the surface, but once you take a closer look, the Sharks have quietly been playing some decent hockey.


Our Pick

San Jose +135 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.70)

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