Washington @ St. Louis
Washington +100 over St. Louis

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Washington +100 over St. Louis

8:30 PM EST. OT Included. St. Louis was a -180 favorite on the road in Chicago last night. Although Washington has more market credibility than the Blackhawks, the market is very aware that Washington is in decline and there are no signs of a turnaround. The Caps are older, slower and worse than they’ve been in years. That’s not privileged information. The hockey betting market knows that the Caps are a team in trouble. In fact, Chicago (last night’s opponent) and Washington (tonight’s opponent) have near identical records so the question begs, how the fuck can St. Louis be a -180 favorite in Chicago over the Blackhawks and tonight they are a mere -120 over Washington at home. Incidentally, this morning, St. Louis was just -115 over Washington. The price here is as curious a price as you’ll ever see, especially when considering that St. Louis dominated last night in a 5-2 road victory on TNT’s feature game of the night. If you bet the Blue Notes tonight, you may win but the more likely scenario is that it’s a massive sucker bet and you’ll lose because the line is begging you to bet the Blues.

Why are the oddsmakers so convinced that the Blue Notes will be extremely flat tonight? Well, the Blues return home from a three-game road sweep over Vegas, Colorado and Chicago. Furthermore, the last two games of said trip, the players were joined by their mom’s in the annual “mom’s trip” portion of the schedule.

“Country roads, take me home. To the place, I belong. West Virginia Yes, it was the Blues’ mothers, ecstatic after sweeping their two-game Moms’ trip, singing, you know, that song from high up in the stands. The players played like it was a playoff game. Between the food and the card games and the camaraderie — and, apparently, the drinks — the moms watched the Blues stretch their overall winning streak to four games. This morning, after all the emotional goodbyes, the mom’s headed back home and so did the players, to St. Louis. Oddsmakers are gambling big time that the Blue Notes will be flat as hell and that is the only reason why Washington must be bet here.

Our Pick

Washington +100 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.00)

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