Colorado @ TCU
TCU -21 -109 over Colorado

Posted at 8:15 AM EST. Odds subject to change.

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TCU -21 over Colorado

Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth, TX

Streaming: FOX

12:00 PM EST. Prime! No, not the Logan Paul-fronted energy drink that will rot your teeth and brain, but everyone's favorite two-sport star (not named Bo Jackson), Deion Sanders, who brings his ego—err, football knowledge—to Boulder in a desperate attempt to build back up a Buffaloes’ program that went 1-11 last season. Either that or "Prime" just needed a vessel to promote his quarterback-playing son, Shedeur Sanders, who transferred to Colorado after two seasons in FCS, where he played for Jackson State. While the junior Sanders takes over a limp offense that had no spark whatsoever, he goes from being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish swimming with the sharks. The Nepobaby hype is palpable with this one.

Could the father and son Sanders team turn it around in Colorado? Sure. The real question is, "Is that either one of their intentions?" Does it feel to you like "Prime" is in Boulder for the long haul, or does it feel like a stepping stone for both him and Shedeur for whatever their football futures hold? Further, there has never been this much attention on the Buffs, ever, which comes with a huge spotlight and it's worth noting that this game is in the early window, which means it's going to get a ton of action. Oh, and did we mention that it's on FOX? No noon game will be seen by more eyes than Colorado vs. TCU.

Do the Horned Frogs need an introduction at this point? We guess if we have to ask, we have our answer, but that says something about the relative shade being thrown at TCU going into Week 1. For a team that made a run to the Big XII title game last season, the Frogs are pegged to finish fourth in the new 14-team Big XII, with Texas, Oklahoma, and last season's Big XII champions, Kansas State.

For some perspective on just how out of whack this line is, we only have to look at the rest of the board today where Wisconsin is -28 over Buffalo, Ohio State is -30 over Indiana, Texas is -35½ over Rice, Oklahoma is -36 over Arkansas State, Kentucky is -26½ over Ball St., and Tennessee is -27½ over Virginia. We could go on, but you get the point. How in the sweet blue hell can TCU be just -21 over "Prime Squared?"

Forget the X's and O's, forget the transfer portal, and pay attention to the talking heads and the word on the street, which is that Colorado is going to have some "Prime"-fueled magic sprinkled on it, and it's all going to be okay. It is not going to be okay. It’s far more likely that the reality here Is that "Prime" just needed a vessel to promote his quarterback-playing son, who will have a huge target on his back, not only today but until the day he isn't a starting quarterback on a team where his famous daddy is the coach. Perhaps we're reading the room wrong on this one, but we greatly doubt it.

The Buffs sold their football souls to a false prophet in Sanders, who hasn't stopped smacking his gums since he arrived on the scene decades ago. Was "Neon Deion" "Prime Time" Sanders one of the greats in his time? Absolutely, but the premium one must pay to find out if he is a good coach and perhaps even more importantly if his son can play at this level is far too high to recommend. In fact, it presents an opportunity where the far superior Horned Frogs, who are a legit College Football Playoff contender, are spotting far fewer points than they should be to a total FBS dreg.

Finally, we cannot even imagine how fired up TCU and its coaches are here with Deion getting all the headlines and media attention. It’s a media frenzy in Fort Worth today and nobody wants to talk to Sonny Dykes or Chandler Morris. TCU gets the first crack at this garbage intruder amongst all the media hype and we expect them to absolutely destroy “Prime Time” while never taking its foot off the pedal for a second.


Our Pick

TCU -21 -109 (Risking 2.18 units - To Win: 2.00)