We’re offering a better and cheaper alternative to cable TV. If you’re sick of paying a fortune for programming that you don’t even want or need, this is for you. If you would like a fully loaded Amazon Firestick with all the programming, all the information you are going to need is below.

Incidentally, the FIRESTICK works great in hotels all across the globe and it is so small and easy to pack that you could even put in your pocket. If you travel a lot, you need this!

What you will receive:

By mail --- a fully loaded and programmed Amazon Firestick with NITRO TV service with your own personal username and password to access all the programming. All you have to do is plug it in, follow the prompts (you’ll need your wifi password) and you’ll be hooked up in minutes and ready to go.

To order your subscription get in touch with:

Sherwood ---- @sportswagers3 or sherwood888@gmail.com

We accept:

email money transfer, PAYPAL Bitcoin and Venmo

email and paypal to sherwood888@gmail.com

For Bitcoin Address, Get in touch with me.

Venmo payments to


The cost:


Amazon Firestick fully loaded $95 -- postage $15.00

Subscription is $20 per month or $220 for one year.  

Therefore, you’ll pay 110.00 for the FIRESTICK fully loaded and mailed to you. You'll pay another 20.00 for each month. A six-month subscription for instance, will cost 120 (subscription) +110 (Firestick) = $230.00. You’ll then pay $120.00 six months later if you wish to renew because you already have teh stick.

If you choose 1 year, you pay 330.00 up front ($220.00 for 1 year subscription and $110 for the Firestick programmed and mailed to you and then 220.00 every year thereafter if you decide to renew.


You will also get four different MOVIE and TV show apps (ala Netflix) to watch series, shows and movies. 

That’s included in your package --you pay nothing extra. Everything you get on Netflix, Crave or Disney, etc, you will get on our uploaded apps, all in HIGH DEF only you’ll get more content because EVERYTHING is on them. Sitcoms, dramas, weekly TV shows, old TV shows and all movies new or old. As soon as it is released on HBO, Netflix or anywhere else, our apps have it available also. 


$110 for the FIRESTICK fully loaded, programmed and sent to you. That includes postage.

$20.00 U.S. per month, $120 for 6 months or $220 for one full year.

The video here is just a sample of the programming you get with your subscription.

To recap, here is what you’ll be getting: All in High Def

The following is every single game! 

SPORTS and sports packages:


MLB Extra Innings - MLB network and every game.

NFL Sunday Ticket - NFL RedZone, NFL Network & every game

NBA League Pass - NBA Network and every game

NHL Centre Ice - NHL Network and every game


All ESPN channels, which covers college football and basketball extensively.


ESPN College Extra

(The College Extra covers tons of NCAA basketball games that you would never see anywhere else) 


ESPN NCAA Goal Line (the college equivalent of the Red Zone)


Canadian Sports Channels

You get:
TSN 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5


All Sportsnet Channels:

Sportnest One,

Sportsnet Ontario

Sportsnet 360
Sportsnet Pacific


Sky Sports Golf  --Sky Sports Golf covers every Event on the Main Tour Thursday right through to Sunday.

You get to watch the entire event! 


The Golf Channel


You get all Sky Sports channels, which is the U.K’s equivalent to ESPN. 


English Premier Soccer - 

MLS Soccer

German Bundesliga Soccer

Tons more soccer from around the world. 

Mexican League baseball in the Mexico group. 


Big-10 Network 

SEC Network

PAC-12 Network

ACC Network


All 5 TSN Networks (Canadian)

All Sportsnet networks (Canadian)


All Fox Sports Channels




Plus lots more independent sports networks


All NBC GOLD sports programming


Horse Racing (TVG and more)


UFC and more on PPV

All PPV events that includes UFC, Wrestling, Boxing and whatever else.


There’s lots more too! 



You also get

Canadian content -- 275 CANADIAN channels. CBC, Global, City, CTV, CP24, and tons more both East and West Coast feeds


Every major AMERICAN network --

NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC and the hundreds of dozens of affiliates for each. Therefore you get all the time zones from all the different U.S. cities -- East, West, Midwest, Central, etc with 427 channels split evenly between those four major networks and with local coverage in all major and mid-major cities in the U.S.




History Channel

Animal Planet



Comedy Channel

Food Network

USA Network

TV Land




All Disney channels

Cartoon Network

National Geographic


All HBO Channels


E! Entertainment

Game Network




Movie Channels

All HBO Channels

All Starz Channels (Cinema, Encore, Kids, East, etc)

All Showtime Channels

All Cinemax Channels

All Sky Channels





All Canadian local and American LOCAL

Fox News




The Weather Channel

US Weather-Nation



Cartoon Network
All Disney Channels





The list of stations, American, Canadian, U.K. and International across the globe are too numerous to mention but if you don’t see it on here, and you get it at home, you’ll get it on our package too.


There are also tons of Spanish channels or programming from Mexico among other countries including Latin America, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Pakistan & India, Germany, the Philipines and many others.   


Archived Shows and Movies

You’ll also get Movie and TV apps (like Crave or Netflix) with 1000’s of archived TV Shows and Series that you can watch at your leisure just like one would on Netflix. Whatever you watch on Netflix, you can watch on the apps that come loaded on your stick (Cinema, ZiniTV and Syncler). Old and new TV shows and Movies are in abundance. You name it, it’s on there.  You also get NETWORK shows in the archives so if there is something you PVR every week, no worries, you get it on our archived TV show apps and you don't have to set up to record anything!


Silk Browser

A television Browser for the internet (very cool). 


Adult Content that is PASSWORD PROTECTED



Here’s what people are saying:


“It’s not rocket science, you literally have to be nuts to not get it. I’m watching everything I couldn’t afford before and the picture is amazing. Thanks guys...so much. $220 a year!!!”


Mark - Toronto


“Thank you for introducing this. The content, quality and # of channels we get is superb. It’s friggin amazing. I couldn’t be happier and neither could my wife and kids”. 


Gerry - St.Catherines.