The Benefits of Wagering Online

Feb 6, 2012

It was not long ago that wagering on sporting events in North America was confined to Las Vegas. Of course, the local bookie was available but that had risk and credibility issues attached to it.

Skip ahead to present day where online sportsbooks allow you to view lines and monitor them all day, right up until game time. You can take advantage of soft overnight lines well in advance of games or you can wager with a minute before the game starts.

Most importantly, when you wager online, you know exactly what your limits are and you cannot exceed them. It’s really a built in money management system, paramount to any success you may have. You can wager with a free mind, knowing you're not exceeding what you can afford. Getting paid and/or funding your account has never been easier. There are no settlement dates or pressure.

You play what you like, when you like and cash out when you choose to. Online sportsbooks offer halftime lines and totals, money lines, futures, every college game, golf lines, Nascar, tennis, International events and so much more. No bookie will allow you to bet $5 or $10 on a 250-1 shot to win a golf tournament. Want to make a 6-team parlay for $4 that plays 150-1 or more? No problem, you can do that online too.

There are so many reasons to open an account online. We urge you to get out of your bad habits and click on one of our reputable sponsors. For all you Canadian Pro-Line players. We can't stress enough how much you're getting ripped off by betting on Proline.

All we have to do is look at a recent NHL game. Wih Proline, you need to pick three games in order to cash a ticket. A three-game NHL Proline ticket on this night, consisting of Toronto (1.80) Pittsburgh (1.80) and Philadelphia (1.55) paid out 5.02-1 That exact same parlay with any online sports book paid 8.77-1 to win. In other words, for a $10 ticket on proline you're payout would've been 50.25 while it would've paid 87.70 online. Multiply that over your lifetime and you're looking at thousands of dollars.

Additionally, you can bet each game individually. How many times have you hit two out of three and lost on proline? Online, that's a winning day. If you continue to wager on Proline, you will lose money at a rate that cannot be overcome. Some will argue that it's convenient and there are small amounts accepted as wagers. That's true, but what is more convenient than clicking a mouse and not having to go out to get your ticket? You can bet the same $2 or $5 online.

Stop getting ripped off by the government run lottery corporations. When the government is the house, you don't stand a chance, as their hold or house edge is absolutely impossible to overcome. Betting online with our reputable sponsors is fair, convenient and gives you a much better chance of winning with true odds. We would not steer you wrong.