Tout Services. Never pay for one, ever.

Oct 1, 2011

Scamdicappers are a person or group of people that know much more about high pressure selling than they know about handicapping sporting events and they’ll utilize that skill to con anyone out of their money with no remorse or conscience whatsoever.

They’re after your money. Their sports knowledge likely pales in comparison to your own. Make no mistake about that. These people are lowlifes and skilled con men that would trade their mother for a Cuban cigar. Our philosophy in regards to sport handicapping services is very simple and it goes like this: Anyone who charges for picks is a con, end of story.

There are no exceptions to this rule, none. If these so-called experts knew 10% of what they claim, they would be betting the games themselves instead of trying to get your credit card number. If they hit at a rate of 70% or more, as they claim, they would be millionaires 10 times over and sure as hell wouldn’t be looking for a $50-dollar bill from you.

They may as well be trying to sell you winning lottery numbers because that’s pretty much the extent of their skill level. One of the most common ploys of these thieves, is to give out both sides of a game, ensuring 50% of the callers will receive a winner and as a result, those 50% will fork out more money next week.

The following week they’ll do the same and now 25% of the people that have called have gone 2-0 and are now ready to hand out big bucks. Hopefully, you’ll be one of those people that went 0-1 and won’t be conned into dishing out more money. Again, if you’re using a service right now, drop them and take your wins or losses and then thankfully lose their phone number.

If they call, hang up the phone and repeat doing so until they stop calling, which unfortunately could take months. Remember, there is no such thing as a lock or a Game Of the Year or anything else that remotely suggests that you cannot lose.

Another common ploy is to sell you a game in which you pay only after you win. Understandably, that can be attractive and enticing. After all, what do you have to lose? Except that the same tactic will be used, whereas the tout service will give half the players one side and the other half the other side, thus guaranteeing themselves that 50% of the people that called will pay for the advised pick or for an upcoming pick.  For those that received the winning side, they be sure to tell you how they proved themselves to you and now, with a winner in your pocket, they’ll pressure you to pay for this week’s “Blowout Winner of the Year”.

In the history of sports handicapping contests held in Las Vegas or elsewhere, never has a winner, in 25 years of documented contests, hit at a rate of 65% over an entire season of one sport. It’s never happened before yet there are hundreds of services that claim they hit at 70% or better.

It’s simply ludicrous to believe that and the best thing you can do is take our advice and never seek out the assistance of any service that charges for picks.