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Detroit +161 over CAROLINA
OT included. After picking up 17 out of a possible 20 points over their past 10 games, the Hurricanes suddenly...
Ottawa +112 over PHILADELPHIA
OT included. Sandwiched between three losses to the Canadiens over the past eight days, Ottawa defeated both...
Dallas +170 over MONTREAL
OT included. Letís not get crazy here, alright. While Montreal is going to the playoffs as one of the top seeds in the ...
EDMONTON -½ +136 over Los Angeles
Regulation only. Edmonton was L.A.ís whipping boys for years and it continued the first time they met this season...

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Mar 23, 2017 20:19:07
NHL futures looking great. Will uu have some MLB ones
Yes Michael, they will be posted this week beginning today (March 27).
Mar 22, 2017 12:01:09
Can you explain your logic for passing on TCU last night when the line moved from -7.5 to -8? I know I risk like sounding like a Monday morning QB but I don't see the risk in laying an extra half point if you've already done the investigation/research and came to the conclusion that TCU at -7.5 was the right play. When making a wager I would assume the diff between what you're perceiving vs. the actual line is greater than .5 point, and at worst you are pushing if it ends on 8. If you weren't going to wager unless it got to -7 that's another story, but seems silly to me to write all that up, only to pass over a half a point. For what it's worth I took TCU and thank you for the recommendation, keep it up!
Sure Mike.....It's not the half point that bothers me. It's that I missed the best number earlier in the day when I could have gotten it and that is the only reason I passed. I rarely play a bad number when I can help it and when I anticipate the line moving the opposite way. Glad you cashed and I hope this clarifies my position.
Mar 22, 2017 09:24:45
Sherwood, I have one word to describe you INTEGRITY! Over the years you post your analysis and win, lose or tie publish the results. What people don't realize is that on some of your selections when you post you may be laying 10 points. However things change and later the line has changed to 9 1/2 or even 9. This happened with Purdue twice this past month where you layed a number on your website and the line changed in your favor both times. However because you have INTEGRITY and both games ended on the number you posted you counted them as ties. There have been other occasions where you have counted a game as a loss when the posted number on your website is different than the number later in the day and the game has been a winner. Nobody does that and I appreciate your honesty and integrity. Again last night you didn't like the way the line was moving on the TCU game so you cancelled your pick. Even though they won and covered you won't count it as a win. You are first class and keep up the good work.
Thank You GREG! I appreciate the kind words very much and the time you took to write them. What all the frauds (touts) never understand is that the only way to change the game is to be 100% honest about what you're doing but they NEED money to survive and therefore lie to get it
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