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Welcome to our FREE annual NFL Football Survivor Pool.

This year a grand prize of $3,000.00 will be awarded to the sole survivor.

The Survival Pool will start in Week 1 of the NFL season and there are several ways to qualify. 

In order to qualify for 2 entries, you MUST sign up with one of our affiliate sponsors by clicking on one of the links below. Please note: You must click on the link below or a banner from our website. You do not have to make a deposit. In order to qualify for 2 entires, all you have to do is sign up with one of our affiliates. If you are already signed up with one of our affiliates, that does not qualify. You will have to sign up with a different one. 

You will get 3 free entries into this pool if you make a $100.00 deposit or more into your account.

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum amount of entries for anyone one person is 3 entries. 

For one free entry, there are three more ways to qualify

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Follow us on Twitter @sportswagers3 and retweet us when our plays are posted for three days (does not have to be in succession).

Follow us on Facebook and like three of our posts. 

Sign up with one of our sponsors (no deposit required) and receive 2 free entries. (Click on banner or link).

Sign up with one of our sponsors and deposit $100 (or more) and get 3 free entries.

Join one of the sportsbooks by clicking on a link below (you don’t have to deposit money)

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Once you have signed up or completed a qualifying requirement, email us at: info@sportswagers.ca with the following information:

-username of your Twitter or Facebook

-Name and DATE of Sportsbook or Fantasy Sports you signed up with

-Date of deposit (if applicable)

-Username of your account 

We will confirm you have qualified and then send you the information you will need to register for the pool.

Our Survivor pool will be hosted on www.officefootballpool.com

To join the pool, you need to be registered on the website with your own username and password and email address. You will also need the pool id number and pool password or the specially coded link, which will be provided by us.

In Survivor pools, the object of the game is to pick a single winning team each week. If the team you pick wins, you advance to the next week. If the team you pick loses, you are out of the pool. All details/rules will be posted on the pool website.

Again, send us the information we require and wait for a response (usually within 24 hours) for the details you'll need to join. It's a free shot at $3,000. 


Watch this space for details or Follow us on Twitter or Facebook and receive instant notification on all upcoming pools.