Ottawa @ Seattle
Seattle -½ +125 over Ottawa

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Seattle -½ +125 over Ottawa

10:07 PM EST. Regulation only. After winning five games in a row and scoring five goals or more in every single one of those victories, Ottawa put themselves right in the thick of the NHL race to grab one of the two coveted Wild Card spots. The Sens were feeling great and they were rolling. They also had a five-game road trip on deck that would absolutely be a defining moment in their quest to make the playoffs. So, what did the Sens do in the first game of said trip against a depleted Chicago team? They lost 5-0. Yes, the score was misleading and Ottawa’s goaltender couldn’t stop a puck but that’s besides the point, as the Sens will play game two of said trip here and then they’ll have to face Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Suddenly, the Sens are feeling the pressure after that horrible loss on paper at Chicago. You know who else is feeling the pressure? Goaltenders Mads Sogaard and Kevin Mandolese, after both Cam Talbot and Anton Forsberg were injured. Sogaard looked lost out there last game and has had three full days to think about it. The Sens are forced to go with one of the two rookies over the next several games and maybe for the remainder of the season.

Dallas is -165 in Buffalo today. Tampa is -170 over Vegas. The Devils are -150 on the road in Washington. Boston is -165 over Edmonton while elite teams like Carolina and New York are -425 and -290 over Flyers and Habs respectively. Seattle is an elite team that gets no credit. Here’s a team that wins and dominates play and yet they’re a mere -130 over Ottawa and it’s not because it’s a sucker’s bet, it’s because Seattle has been disrespected like this all year, as the experts, media and market do not trust this team as being elite. Today, they’re priced less than Nashville would be at home against Ottawa and frankly, it’s absurd.

The Kraken are 5th in the NHL in puck possession time in the offensive end during five-on-five play. Their 37 wins combined in regulation and OT ranks them 5th in the NHL behind Boston, Carolina, New Jersey and Toronto, four of the favorites to win the Cup. The Kraken have not had a slump this entire season, as their longest losing streak is three games. This is a vastly superior team to Dallas or Nashville yet both those teams are favored by more on the road today than this elite team is at home. It’s preposterous and we’re all over it.


Our Pick

Seattle -½ +125 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.50)

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