Winnipeg @ N.Y. Islanders
Winnipeg -103 over N.Y. Islanders

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Winnipeg -103 over N.Y. Islanders

7:05 PM EST. OT Included. Teams fighting for a playoff spot cannot afford to let up but it is still impossible to sustain intensity for every game from here to the finish line. This truly looks like a good spot to catch the Islanders playing their “C” game. You see, the Islanders are coming off games against Pittsburgh, Boston and Pittsburgh again, who are the Islanders second biggest rival next to the Rangers. Pittsburgh and the Islanders are a true rivalry and the Isles beat ‘em both games. Not only did they beat them but they trailed both games going to the third period and rallied to win them both. Now, in a letdown spot, the Islanders will host a stranger they rarely see. Remember, this is not Barry Trotz’s Islanders, who never took a day off. This is Lane Lambert’s Islanders who have taken many games off over the past two years after Trotz was given the ax.

What up Winnipeg? Known for playing their hearts out and giving it their all, the Jets have looked horrific in their last two games of this four-game trip that wraps up with this one tonight. Despite beating the Rangers on Monday, Winnipeg was outshout 51-21 by The Rags so pay no attention to the final score. Rangers deserved to win that game 10-1 and not lose 4-1. The game prior in a 4-2 loss to the Devils, Winnipeg looked even worse. That’s two games in a row that the Jets have been outplayed badly, outworked badly and out-everythinged else badly. That’s not the Jets M.O. and we have to trust that it can’t be sitting well with them. In a very decent scheduling spot for the Jets, this is a very winnable game.


Our Pick

Winnipeg -103 (Risking 2.06 units - To Win: 2.00)

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