Toronto @ St. Louis
St. Louis +160 over Toronto

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St. Louis +160 over Toronto

8:08 PM EST. OT Included. We understand that the Maple Leafs are damn good. We understand that on any given day, Toronto can go off for five or six goals because of an offense that features a slew of professional snipers. There is nothing we can say about the Maple Leafs that you don’t already know. Hell, we’re pretty sure that most people that are reading this know the Maple Leafs inside and out and certainly know them better than we do. You see, we have no emotional investment in the Maple Leafs and couldn’t care less if they won or lost, as they are just another team among the 100’s of other professional and college teams we write about. We’re strictly looking for value and do not care where that value comes from. In that regard, the Blues offer it up here.

No chance are we coming off our position that the Blue Notes are among the most undervalued teams in the NHL. The Blues return home from a 5-game trip tonight after picking up 7 out of a possible 10 points. Only one team in the NHL, Arizona has played less home games than the Blues so now is the time to gain some momentum and get into a playoff position. Over the past decade or so, St. Louis has been amongst the toughest buildings in the league to go into and emerge victorious but this year, St. Louis is below .500 at home. That means a correction to the good is forthcoming to its home record. St. Louis has traveled extensively this year. They play 14 of their next 19 at home so now should be the time that we see this team starting to play with more consistency. They are truly one of the most talented teams in the NHL but its record does not reflect that. It is for that reason that we have to keep playing the Blues, especially in their own barn when prices like this are being offered.

Our Pick

St. Louis +160 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.20)

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