NHL Playoffs - Game 6
N.Y. Rangers - +260 over Tampa Bay

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NY Rangers -½ +260 over Tampa Bay

8:00 PM EST. Regulation only. We have no clue what’s going to happen in this game but what we do know is that win or lose, this line is priced like it’s Tampa Bay v Buffalo and it’s preposterous. It’s overpriced to such a high degree because the Bolts have won three in a row to take a 3-2 series lead and because they’re the two-time defending champions going in for the kill. Furthermore, every NHL “expert” is pimping the same thing with that being that the Lightning have too much momentum and experience to let the Rangers off the hook.

It all sounds nice but it all means squat. Hockey is such an incredibly luck-driven sport in terms of game to game results that all it’s going to take is a couple of deflections/great shots and a great goaltending performance by Igor Shesterkin and then all that momentum and experience talk will mean jack. Let’s not forget that New York was up 2-0 in this series and up 2-0 in Game 3. Furthermore, the Rangers have been especially resilient this postseason. In addition to overcoming a 3-2 playoff series deficit to eliminate the Penguins in the opening round, New York rebounded from losing the first two games to Carolina in the second round to oust the Hurricanes in seven games. New York has been down 3-2 in both series so this is not unchartered waters. They also have firepower in spades, great goaltending and some great puck moving defensemen, yet this line suggests they have little chance of taking it to a Game 7. 

This has been a close series. We’ve seen both the Rangers and Lightning with sustained pressure in the offensive end. Tampa Bay is indeed a great team but so, too, are the Rangers. New York will come into this one with all the pressure now shifting to the host. In what we trust is a 50/50 proposition or very slightly less, this play is all about value. The Rangers to win in regulation is an absolute ludicrous number that must be played.   

Our Pick

N.Y. Rangers - +260 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 5.20)

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