NHL Playoffs Game 3
N.Y. Rangers +160 over Tampa Bay

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N.Y. Rangers +160 over Tampa Bay

3:00 PM EST. OT included. -180 on the Lightning? Really? While it would be of no surprise if the Bolts went on to win today, the value here on the Rangers is too great to pass up. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that it is the Rangers that should be -180 at home and a near pick-em on the road and not the Bolts. We’re not even sure what the media and public are eating up here. Tampa has zero edges while the Rangers just keep getting stronger and more confident.

Give an edge to the Rags in goaltending, which impacts outcomes more than anything else. Speed? Rangers again. Health? Big edge to Rangers. Balance throughout the lineup? Not even close, as the Rangers have nine players with nine or more points during the playoffs while the Bolts have three. Defense? Again, it’s the Rangers by a wide margin and you can also throw in special teams play if you want. Intangibles like momentum, confidence and frustration levels, again, the edge goes to the Rangers. Name the category and the New York Rangers have an edge and today they’re taking back this absurd price. Da fu*k is that? If the Rangers get unlucky and lose today, just read this again on Tuesday and bet them again.

Our Pick

N.Y. Rangers +160 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.20)

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