NHL Playoffs - Game 7
N.Y. Rangers +125 over Carolina

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N.Y. Rangers +125 over Carolina

8:00 PM EST. OT Included. Who has the weight of the world on its shoulders here? Carolina. Who has the superior goaltending? New York Rangers? Who had several opportunities to put this series to bed or out of reach but failed miserably not once, not twice but three times? Carolina. Based on those three factors alone, the Rangers are worth a bet here but it goes deeper than that.

You see, Pittsburgh, too, had the Rangers on the hook but could not put them away. In essence, the Rangers are back in familiar territory. The Rangers were damn close to stealing a win in Game 1 but it just slipped away. Game 2 brought additional frustrations but the Rangers have manufactured wins all year long, and it’s quite possible that we see an explosion offensively from the Rangers extremely dangerous top six now that a seed of doubt has been planted in the mind of Antti Raanta. Meanwhile, Igor Shesterkin made 37 saves in Game 6 and once again rose to the occasion by looking very locked in. Game 7 offers another big opportunity for him to showcase why he’s the best in the league.

Truth be told, the Hurricanes are playing with fire. Good team, yes, even a great team but they had numerous chances to put away Boston and were then forced to beat them in Game 7. They’ve had numerous chances to put away the Rags but here we are again with the Hurricanes playing Game #7 only this time they are going in with inferior goaltending, not to mention spotting a tag. Game 7 figures to be a combination of randomness while Igor Shesterkin does his thing. Play the value.

Our Pick

N.Y. Rangers +125 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.50)

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