Carolina @ Seattle
Carolina +4½ -103 over Seattle

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Carolina +4½ over Seattle

4:05 PM EST. Although it may not seem like it, this could very well be the biggest overreaction on the board. Seattle was a 4½-point pooch last week in Detroit (it opened +5½) and now they go from being a +4½-point pooch to a -4½ point favorite in the span of one week based on its win over Detroit? That’s a signifigant swing in the span of one week and it’s not warranted.

Let’s not forget that Seattle was destroyed by the Rams in Week 1. Let’s not forget that Seattle allowed a brick load of yards to the Lions last week and only won because they won the turnover battle 3-0. When you win the turnover battle by three, you’re supposed to win by 14, not four, as the Seachickens did in their 31-27 victory in Detroit. This is a Seahawks defense that gave up 446 yards in Week 1 and another 414 yards last week (despite Detroit turning it over three times). Had Detroit not turned it over three times, how many yards would they have accumulated? 500? 600?.

Carolina’s market presence or credibility is not very good especially with a rookie QB that was featured on Monday Night Football last week and couldn’t move the offense five yards. Those prime time games often cause the biggest overreaction because they are seen by millions. While Bryce Young will not suit up this week, Andy Dalton will and that’s another reason that the market will not be anxious to get behind the Panthers. Andy Dalton?

Andy Dalton, whose career is very much over, was brought in by the Panthers to back up first-round pick young Bryce. Is Andy Dalton an upgrade from backups Baker Mayfield/Matt Corral/Sam Donald/P.J. Walker or whoever else Carolina used last year? No. Why? Because it's the Panthers quarterback job. In this ever-swirling vortex of filth, nothing is ever an upgrade from the lousy thing before it so we understand why Carolina’s market credibility is so low. However, it still presents an opportunity to take back inflated points with Carolina. Finally, Seattle will play on Monday Night next week and for the annoying Pete Carroll, who will be smacking on Hubba Bubba and hopping around the sidelines like a hyperactive kid after a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, he’ll be more focused on that than on backup Andy Dalton beating him. Big overreaction to Andy Dalton starting and to Seattle’s very lucky win last week v Detroit.


Our Pick

Carolina +4½ -103 (Risking 2.06 units - To Win: 2.00)

New England +218 over Pittsburgh