N.Y. Jets @ Seattle
Seattle +2½ -110 over N.Y. Jets

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Seattle +2½ over N.Y. Jets

4:05 PM EST. When something stinks, we can often sniff it out pretty easily. Well, this line stinks. How can the Jets be favored on the road in a tough as nails, loud as hell place to play like Seattle, especially when there are stakes on the line for both sides?

This anomaly forced us to dig deep and from what we can see, there has been a great overreacting to the return of Mike White to the Jets lineup. The “lookahead” lines, which are those posted for the weeks ahead rather than the one we are in, had the Seahawks favored, as did a few outfits at open. However, after White was named the Jets’ starter, those roles flipped and the Jets became the chalk. Y'all, we know that Zach Wilson is not good and his 92 passing yards against the Jaguars last Thursday night were truly pathetic, but are we supposed to believe Mike White, who is coming off broken ribs and who will be backed up by Joe Flacco are worthy of this distinction?

We might as well get the playoff implications off our plate, as they are not nearly as interesting on either side as they were before these teams lost a combined seven games over the last four weeks. We’re just going to give you the numbers because the rest is so convoluted—the Jets have a 15% shot to get in the dance, while the Seahawks are slightly higher at 27%. The reality is both need a ton of help, so until one team wins this week and we see what else shakes out, it’s really not worth discussing. It’s just useless fodder for the talking heads, as they look to what will “motivate” two teams that are barely hanging on.

Seattle is coming off games against the suddenly warm Panthers, the red-hot 49ers and the juggernaut Chiefs and didn't look out of place oin any of them. The Seahawks could've beat both the 49ers and Panthers (lost by one score) and now they'll take a big step down in class when facing the Jets. Add in the home-field edge, one of the best in the league and we don't see how the J-Men can be favored here.

Our Pick

Seattle +2½ -110 (Risking 2.20 units - To Win: 2.00)