Indianapolis @ Las Vegas
Indianapolis +4½ -110 over Las Vegas

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Indianapolis +4½ over Las Vegas

1:00 PM EST. The Colts are the dregs of this league at the moment, having fired head coach Frank Reich on Monday morning, after his former team dropped an embarrassing decision in New England, 26-3, as a 5-point pooch. In retrospect, that was a gawdawful number that Colts had no chance to cover. The market pounded the Pats in that game and were handsomely rewarded with an “armchair classic,” an easy winner, if you will.

It wasn’t that long ago that firing your coach in the middle of the season was the sign of a franchise in disarray. The shame of the scarlet letter to be worn was so great that no general manager or especially the owner would ever admit to such a blunder. There’s a reason they call “Black Monday,” well, Black Monday. The first day of the offseason was a much more respectable and gentlemanly place to send an underachieving head coach packing. Not any more. Like in so many areas of today’s society, the fan base demands instant gratification. Now if you wait out the year with a lame duck coach, you’ll get called out on every social media platform imaginable by every talking head and starved fan with an internet connection.

Situationally speaking, this is a very interesting spot for the Colts. This roadie to Las Vegas without that big oaf in tow just might be what the football doctor ordered. If reports about Reich are true, the Colts locker room might be the loosest in the league this week. While all things are not equal, we saw the Panthers get a boost after firing Matt Rhule, knocking off the Bradys when their stock was at its lowest. Indianapolis might be considered dregs but it is not. At 3-5-1, the Colts are just 2½ games behind the Titans in the AFC South. Y’all, there’s still nine games to go for the Blue Horseshoe. Indy isn't dead yet.

Meanwhile, the Raiders are 2-6 after blowing a 17-0 lead on the road in Jacksonville last Sunday. You want to talk about a team that is a mess. Dregs. This is it. It’s so bad in Vegas that veteran linebacker Blake Martinez, who played 68 downs of football for the Raiders in Duval County, up and retired via Instagram. Boom! Outta here. What does that say to the rest of the team, the organization and the league when a guy that played for the Packers and Giants, while racking up the most tackles in the league in 2017 just up and leaves? It says you’re running a freaking circus.

Unlike the Colts, who are playing with house money this week with the loveable Jeff Saturday at the helm, the Raiders are gripping. They are stuck with Josh McDaniels, who is failing (again) as a head coach. It took McDaniels over a decade back under the thumb of Bill Belichick to get rid of the stink that followed the former after his 11-17 run in the Mile High City. Spotting points with the Raiders at this point is a fool’s errand and it’s a play that we cannot recommend. The upset potential here is great.

Our Pick

Indianapolis +4½ -110 (Risking 2.2 units - To Win: 2.00)

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