Pittsburgh @ Cleveland
Cleveland -4 -110 over Pittsburgh

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Cleveland -4 over Pittsburgh

8:15 PM EST. Remember when the Browns were going to the next power in the AFC North to rise up and knock off the Steelers? It happened and it wasn’t even that long ago. Cruelly, that honor went to in-state and division rival Cincinnati. Such is life in the Dawg Pound.

Cleveland is in a weird state of limbo where it is waiting for its newly acquired franchise pivot, Deshaun Watson. With Jacoby Brissett in Watson’s place until December, the Browns are 1-1 to start the season. Last week, Cleveland became the first team in over 2000 games to blow a 13-point lead in the final two minutes. To the Jets no less. A truly all time collapse that they’ll tell the grandkids about. Again, such is life in the Dawg Pound. Whether intentional or not, these teams that are up double-digits are letting their foot off the gas. Last week, the Rams, Ravens, Raiders, and Browns all blew it big. Nobody blew it bigger than Cleveland though. The record books back that up. Cleveland is back to being Cleveland. A commodity that stinks.

There are some brands that stand the test of time. Regardless of generation, CEO, or packaging, they are synonymous with a certain tier of quality. Coca-Cola, Nike and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Some things never change. It doesn’t matter that Mitch Trubisky and not Ben Roethlisberger, Terry Bradshaw, or hell, even Kordell Stewart are running this offense. The Steelers are the Steelers. They are made men in the market. Since the 1970s, the Steelers have been one of those blue blood franchises just like the Packers for instance. When you back a known commodity against one that is tainted, you are going to pay a premium. Now, it would be one thing if the Steelers were playing really well, or were even deserving of their 1-1 record but they are not.

The reality is, the Steelers should be 0-2. Last week, Pittsburgh was smacked around by the Patriots with the 17-14 final being very flattering to the host Steelers. F**kin’ Mitch was awful again, throwing for just 168 yards on 21-of-33 passing while also posting a TD and an INT. Yawn. New England dominated the game from gate to wire, but were in trouble after the Steelers pulled within three points with a shade under 15 minutes to play. Just like Week 1, the Steelers had no business being in that game at that late stage based on their pitiful performance.

The pitchforks are out and there are calls for a local boy done good, Kenny Pickett. That idiot Mike Tomlin doubled-down on his decision to sit the rookie all season. We’ll see. For now, the heat is on the coach and the QB.

After winning the turnover battle (+5) in Cincinnati to open the season, the Steelers still needed a blocked extra point to force overtime. It was another very sad display of football by a weak football team. Moreover, the Steelers were shelled in that game after losing TJ Watt, who will be out a while. When the dust settled in Cincy, the Steelers were outgained by 165 yards, lost the time of possession by 17 minutes and had a pathetic 13 first downs to the Bengals’ 32. We repeat, the Steelers forced five turnovers and gave up none of their own and were still spanked in every way possible except the final score. Football can be cruel, just ask the Browns. Such is life in the Dawg Pound. We now are the beneficiaries of not only results in the first two weeks, but market perception and history pedigrees. It may appear that the Steelers are taking back too a sweet number but this line reveals to us that oddsmakers are acutely aware of how bad the Steelers truly are. This enticing price says so.

Our Pick

Cleveland -4 -110 (Risking 2.20 units - To Win: 2.00)