Tennessee @ Buffalo
Tennessee +10 -106 over Buffalo

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Tennessee +10 over Buffalo

7:15 PM EST. Let’s have a look at the NFL’s worst performances in Week 1 and see how they did in Week 2. First up is Dallas, who couldn’t move five yards in Week 1 against Tampa in prime time and then lost its starting QB. In Week 2, Cinci appeared to be easy money to steamroll the “Boys but it was not to be, as Dallas rebounded with a sound and very impressive performance against the Bengals in an outright victory.

Another awful performance was by the New York Football Jets, who looked lifeless and sloppy in a 15-point loss to the Ravens in Week 1. In Week 2, the Jets rebounded with a victory over the Brownies.

Perhaps the worst performance in Week 1 was by the Arizona Cardinals in their 44-21 loss to the Chiefs. Yesterday, the Cardinals rallied from 20-down and beat the Raiders in OT 29-23.

The best performances in Week 1 were by the Chiefs, who did not cover against the Chargers in Week 2 in which they were on the extreme side of good fortune in a victory. Perhaps the next best performance in Week 2 was by the Buccaneers, who made Dallas look like a weak D-1 college program. Tampa would win and cover in Week 2 but not because they played well but because Jameis Winston was thinking more about crab legs than football. The Saints shot themselves in the foot with 5 turnovers yet the score was 6-3 going to the fourth quarter. The Saints were supposed to win and cover yesterday.

We mention all of this because it reverts back to what we preach about not trying to predict outcomes. If you do, you will lose money all year long. If you react to what you just saw and allow it to influence you, you’ll be “Broke Man Betting”. Play value only, meaning take back inflated points or spot deflated points based on public perception, recency bias and other factors we are constantly preaching.

That brings us to the Buffalo Bills, who the media and public are salivating over due to its frog-stomping performance over the Rams in Week 1. Buffalo is -10 in Week 2. That’s all? They are -10 based on what they did to the Rams in Week 1, combined with the Titans' 21-20 loss to the Giants as a -5½-point choice.

The Bills have had 10 days to relish in the glory and praises of the football world and that kind of talk can get to one’s head. Meanwhile, we promise you that the Titans will have a giant bristol board hanging in their locker room with the number 10 written in giant letters. Talk about disrespect and here it is. It is locker room fodder.

The biggest underdog price the Titans were last year was when they were in Seattle in Week 2 as a +6½-point pooch. They won outright. The next biggest price was when they hosted Buffalo as a 6-point underdog and they won that game also. Three times last year, Tennessee was a double-digit favorite. Two years ago, the biggest price the Titans were was +6 and once again they won outright. One has to go back all the way to Week 2 of the 2018 season to find the last time Tennessee was taking back double-digits. Point is, the Titans have been pretty damn competitive for years and the disrespect they are being shown here is a direct result of the Bills' stock being through the roof. We have no idea what’s going to happen in this game but what we know 100% for sure is that one would be paying a serious premium to get behind the hottest commodity on the market and that is something we cannot and will not recommend. It’s Titans or nothing.

Our Pick

Tennessee +10 -106 (Risking 0 units - To Win: 0.00)

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