Denver @ Seattle
Denver -6½ -110 @ Seattle

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Denver -6½ -110 over Seattle - No Bets

8:20 PM EST. What are we going to do? Write about Russell Wilson playing in Seattle as a member of the Broncs? You can read or hear about that in 4 million different places. Forget the drama. Forget the “revenge”. The times they are a-changin'. We follow and have many friends in Las Vegas, the sports wagering capital of North America. We’ll first take a look at the big picture on the ground in Sin City. Since the preseason of the NFL and the start of college football, week over week, the lines to make a wager are longer and longer. Those that have seen the industry grow under those bright lights have said they’ve seen nothing like it. Men, women, young, old, and everything in between are lining up for longer than those of us that are used to betting online or going down to the corner store are used to. It doesn’t matter if the sportsbook is downtown, on the strip, has 100 big screens, or just 10. The line to get down on these games is out the door. Buffet coupons or free drink tickets need not apply.

If you visited an NFL stadium this weekend or even just watched on TV, you saw wagering featured like never before. The pundits are talking about point-spreads like it’s god-damn mainstream. In the NFL, you can bet at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, where MGM and the Cardinals have built a brand new facility on that huge campus. You can bet in Kansas City too, at Arrowhead no less! One has to wonder what ol’ Lamar Hunt might have thought about that. It’s a long way from the way things were back in his day. We won’t list them all, but the lines outside of Arrowhead, while the Chiefs were on the road in Arizona were down the block and around the corner starting at 9:00 AM when they opened their doors. You can bet at MLB stadiums, too. Wrigley. CitiField. Nationals Park. You get the point. Sports wagering is no longer a dirty little secret. It’s a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry and everyone, EVERYONE, wants a piece of the action.

What does that mean for this game? Great question, we’re glad you asked it. Well, we were acutely aware of the millions of new bettors that were introduced/influenced to sports-betting with marketing campaigns that rivaled Pepsi and Coca Cola. An influx of new bettors have been cleaning up, big time. This happens from time to time, but prior to this year, the sports wagering community was much smaller than it is now. The market is totally saturated. If one were a little cynical, one might suggest that perhaps there has been some low-hanging fruit, especially in these one-off, nationally televised, primetime games. Look at last Thursday night in Los Angeles. The entire world was on the mighty Bills as a small road favorite. The Bills whooped the Rams' ass. Easy money. What about all those huge college spreads in Week and Week 1? Most were easy winners. Yesterday was the first NFL Sunday of the season and the busiest day of betting across the board of all time on this continent. The market ate like kings and queens. There was nobody dining on pork ‘n’ beans. The Ravens were the biggest liability of the day. Easy winner. Onto the afternoon, where the market hammered the Chiefs into oblivion in Arizona and to a lesser extent Minnesota to beat Green Bay. Both easy winners. Finally, Sunday Night Football, where Brady and the Bucs were expected to spank the Cowboys on the bum. They did. Easy winner.

That brings us to tonight. Does this not look like low-hanging fruit? Would feeding a bunch of brand new bettors another easy winner be such a big deal? After all, you’ve got to hook them somehow, right? There were bad numbers posted in Week 1, up and down the board. This looks to be one of them, no? How can the Seahawks compete here? They are a total mess. While we are happy and content to put a profitable 4-2 Week 1 in the bank and move on to Week 2, we didn’t want to leave you with nothing to ponder tonight. We’re going to lean to the Broncos. Who the f**k is going to bet the Seahawks anyway? This might just be one of the last forbidden fruits the books offer up. Come next week, shit might just get real for an unsuspecting market that has been feasting at the all-you-can-eat sportsbooks. Take one last bite then let’s get the fuck outta here and don’t talk to nobody on the way out.

Our Pick

Denver -6½ -110 @ Seattle (Risking 0 units - To Win: 0.00)

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