Texas vs Kansas
Texas +116 over Kansas

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T-Mobile Center, Kansas City, MO

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Texas +116 over Kansas

6:00 PM EST. March Madness is one of the biggest events of the year. It attracts the largest amount of wagers over a four-day period (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) than any other four-day span the entire year. Thousands will clock to the sportsbooks to watch and wager and this weekend, starting yesterday, was the appetizer, as casual fans and seasonal bettors get acclimated to the teams.

Right now, Kansas is the flavor of the day. There isn’t a sports bettor on the continent that isn’t aware of Kansas right now, as all the publications are calling the Jayhawks one of the top-3 teams in the country to beat. Kansas is also the center of the college basketball universe. Those that flew into Vegas yesterday and those at home that started watching college basketball for the first time this year all saw Kansas win and cover against Iowa. The books were giving out money and the market wanted some. Kansas is a true blue blood and they’re legit. We’re not going to argue for a second that they’re not as good as advertised because they may very well be. Texas is good but market perception is that Kansas is the vastly superior team.

We’ve said it a million times that we’re not in the prediction business. If we were, we’d mortgage the house and bet on the Jayhawks just like a very high majority of the market will be doing today at 3:00 PM PST in all the jam-packed Las Vegas sportsbooks. If you have ever been to a sportsbook during a big event, it’s almost like being at the game, as the entire room cheers one way. We’re usually the person in the back corner, not saying a word and rooting for the other side. That’s precisely what the vibe is going to be today in sports bars and sportsbooks right across the continent. The entire world is on Kansas. Why wouldn’t they be?

Kansas opened a mere one-point favorite. Do you really think the books are unaware or were sleeping at the wheel when they opened the Jayhawks up as a gift? Vegas’ biggest liability today will be Kansas. The books could have opened the Jayhawks up as a -3½-point favorite or even -4 and not swayed a single wager. As soon as this line was posted, the salivating, inefficient market moved in. It’s already up to -2 and will likely be -3 by game time. Regardless, the books/oddsmakers have taken a massive position today on Texas and we almost always want to be on the same side as the house. Kansas is the sucker bet of the day, the line screams it.


Our Pick

Texas +116 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.32)