Philadelphia @ Washington
Washington +171 over Philadelphia

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Washington +171 over Philadelphia

7:00 PM EST. The Wizards might look like an easy target, as they’ve lost eight of their last 10 games, but they’ve been playing better of late, knocking off both Phoenix and Sacramento on their West Coast trip. However, the Wiz have little to do with this play, as we are far more interested in fading the Sixers, who are playing with fire.

The 76ers remain one of the hottest teams in the league after winning eight straight games, including that high profile Christmas Day affair in New York, where Philadelphia downed the Knicks 119-117 as a 2-point favorite. It was a nice win on paper, but it was the second game in a row that Philly was forced to overcome a double-digit deficit, this time 20 points. Prior to that, the Sixers were forced to battle back from a 19-point hole against the Clippers.

The 76ers' winning streak is not the only news the team is making, as there was a report that James Harden would be interested in a return to Houston at the end of the season. On the surface, it might seem like a nothing story, but that it comes as the 76ers are on a winning run is no coincidence. Harden is a “me first” player, and this is a “me first” story. That's why it was so funny when Harden snapped back at a reporter who dared ask about the story his side so obviously “leaked,” “Why would you ask me about that on Christmas, man? You didn’t say Merry Christmas or nothing. You asked me about something that I ain’t even, I’m not answering. I didn’t see nothing.” Notice he didn’t deny the story there. Way to nip that one in the bud, James.

If the Sixers winning ways weren’t enough to entice the market into spotting what looks like a very manageable pile of points, they will welcome back Tyrese Maxey to the lineup. Maxey has missed 17 games with a broken foot, but he was averaging nearly 23 points per game before getting hurt, so there is some excitement about his return. However, working an injured player back into the fold is easier said than done.

Harden did his best spin move, as we know sharing the rock is not his favorite hobby, "He's (Maxey) a huge part of what we want to do. It won't be that hard. There's a lot of questions, but it's good questions to have, good problems to have." We agree there are a lot of questions and we agree there are problems, but we disagree greatly that they are “good.” If the Sixers are able to mix in Maxey without messing with their flow, so be it, but we’re willing to bet that Harden is not going to be so eager to share the load. If he does, it just might be to spite the Sixers as he continues to make everything about himself. Wiz outright.

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Washington +171 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.42)