Minnesota @ Memphis
Minnesota +155 over Memphis

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Minnesota +155 over Memphis

9:30 PM EST. We’re not going to spend much time on the Grizzlies because this play has little to do with them. However, their pedigree and 8-4 record this season will serve as a fine contrast to the true target of this wager.

The Timberwolves are taking heat in the Twin Cities, which means it’s probably good that they are getting the hell out of Dodge. The heat’s been turned up in recent weeks, as the Wolves have lost five of their last six games, while the NFL’s Vikings are 7-1. Expectations for the T-Wolves were high for the first time in a long time, but those expectations have not been met. Now the Wolves are fighting for relevance in their own backyard, and it’s not even Thanksgiving.

When a team hits the road, it presents the opportunity to bond, and leave behind the responsibilities of home. You know what we’re talking about. We love our kids, too, but you know what? A roadie with the boys sound pretty damn good right about now. It gives the Wolves the opportunity to just focus on basketball and not the bullshit. Expect Minny to be hiighly motivated to hit the ground running in this spot. Keep the points. We’re taking the Wolves outright, as the books hung such an enticning number on the favorite that we're going to go contrarion.  

Never ever forget what they gave us. We are living their dream. Observe this Remembrance Day with all respect in heart. Our historical freedom story is written with brave soldiers’ blood. I, for one, am forever grateful to all veterans. Today, I’m remembering everyone affected by war, across races, genders, ideologies and borders. I’m remembering the tragedy of war, all wars. I wear a poppy to honour all vets and in the hope that wars will be a thing of the past.


Our Pick

Minnesota +155 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 3.10)

L.A. Lakers -3 -108 over Indiana