Milwaukee @ St. Louis
Milwaukee +100 over St. Louis

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Milwaukee +101 over St. Louis

his velocity while keeping what was already excellent movement on both plains and getting 0.6 inches more horizontal break vs average pitches thrown at similar velocity and extension. A 22.4% swing and miss rate is first among all pitchers and Brandon Woodruff in second place is way back at 18.1%. Lauer has struck out 54 batters while walking just eight with a supported 3.10 xERA.

Last year, Adam Wainwright (RHP - ST. L) logged the most innings of any 39+ year-old since 2007 and did it with a second straight sub-3.20 ERA. Another fortunate hit rate made his ratios look much better than their xERA/xWHIP counterparts, as his swing and miss rate was the lowest of any qualified starter. Adam Wainwright is still somehow pitching with a horseshoe up his ass.

In 47 innings this season, Wainwright has a BB/K split of 18/36 but those 36 K’s are not supported by his lame 6% swing and miss rate. He has compiled a hugely misleading 2.87 ERA but his 5.05 xERA is bound to catch up. Somehow Adam Wainwright keeps pitching with the aid of generous rates around the margins. With a 25% hit rate and 85% strand rate, he’s compiled a 2.87 ERA overall. Over his last four starts, Wainwright has posted an even more remarkable 2.08 ERA over his last four starts despite a BB/K split of 11/14 over 26 innings with a 5% swing and miss rate. His ERA is in line for a massive correction and his ass is about to become horseshoe-less.

Our Pick

Milwaukee +100 (Risking 2 units - To Win: 2.00)