Winnipeg @ Edmonton
Edmonton +7 -110 over Winnipeg

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Edmonton +7½ -105 over Winnipeg

9:00 PM EST. What could we possibly type that would entice anyone to walk up to the window and bet the 2-4 Elks over the mighty 6-0 Blue Bombers tonight? Would a breakdown of X’s and O’s tickle your fancy? No. The Elks did win last week. Does that hold any value? Not really? Not when they were down 31-12 and were written off.

The point-spread, known as the great equalizer, is not so in this spot (it's inflated) so we're going to trust that the Elks have a great shot here to not only keep pace with the Bombers, but maybe even catch them napping. While 6-0, the Blue Bombers have not been flawless, narrowly escaping games against Ottawa (twice), Hamilton, and Toronto. The Blue Bombers have the pedigree and a strong market presence while the Elks are still working on both. However, as we have constantly emphasized, we are not in the prediction business. We are purveyors of value that look for unique situations or circumstances that may work to our advantage and give us an edge in these games. We trust we’ve got such a scenario tonight.

We’re going to make this one short and sweet as this is strictly a situational play against the Bombers and has very, very, very, little to do with the Elks. However, that we’ve seen some gains from Edmonton in recent weeks does make this choice even better. You see, last week, Winnipeg and Calgary, the two top teams in the West for the last decade or so met in Winnipeg with the Bombers getting the best of the Stampeders 26-19 as a small 2½-point favorite. We have friends in the ‘Peg and they told us that the game last Friday was one of the loudest yet at IG Field. We have no metrics to back that up, but it does highlight that beating the Bo Levi Mitchell-led Stamps, who have been the measuring stick out West for a long time, was a pretty big deal. Well, lookie who the Bombers play next Saturday night.

The Stamps will host Winnipeg in the marquee matchup of Week 8 and we have to wonder if the Blue Bombers will be caught looking ahead to next week, creating the perfect "sandwich spot." A relatively low-profile game caught in the middle of two much "bigger" games. The last time we focused on a potential lookahead spot for the Blue Bombers, it was in their Week 4 game at Toronto which preceded their trip to face the then-undefeated Lions. The final? Winnipeg 23, Toronto 22. You may recall the Bombers won that game when the Argo’s kicker whiffed on the extra point that would have tied the game and sent it to overtime. At that time, the Blue Bombers needed that trip to Toronto like a hole in the head. This game in Edmonton has much the same feel. Give us the inflated points and let the chips fall where they may.

Our Pick

Edmonton +7 -110 (Risking 2.20 units - To Win: 2.00)