Edmonton @ Montreal
Edmonton +9 -110 over Montreal

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Edmonton +9½ -110 over Montreal

7:30 PM EST. While it might be tempting to pile on the Elks after getting whacked by 43 in Week 5, we are content to throw that monsoon bowl they played with the Stampeders right out the window. There was much that led to that lopsided 49-6 score and most of it had to do with factors that one cannot control. Namely injuries and the weather.

It’s next man up for Edmonton at the league's most important position. Despite losing rookie Tre Ford on the first drive last week (he’ll miss this week and maybe more), the Elks traded their original starting quarterback Nick Arbuckle to Ottawa. That leaves just Taylor Cornelius to take the reins, but it won’t be his first rodeo.

Cornelius started eight games last season, throwing for 1725 yards and nine touchdowns. Not world beating numbers, but at least he’s seen some game actions and has started games in hostile environments. Cornelius is an Oklahoma State product, where he backed up Mason Rudolph until getting the nod in 2018 to be the Cowboys starter. Cornelius led them to a season-high #15 national rankings and went toe-to-toe with Cardinals’ star Kyler Murray in the Bedlam Series that year, throwing for a series record 501 yards (with three TDs) against the hated Sooners of Oklahoma. In his regular season swan song, Senior Day 2018, Cornelius lead the Cowboys over #9 West Virginia in a come-from-behind win, leading the offense with 338 yards in the air and five touchdowns while adding 106 yards and a major on the ground. Cornelius’s last game in an Okie State uniform was the Liberty Bowl where he led the Cowboys over Drew Lock and the Mizzou Tigers. Cornelius was great again going for 336 yards and four majors.

The plight of the Elks has been a topic of conversation dating back to the preseason, their struggles are not new. However, before deciding that Edmonton is nothing more than cannon fodder tonight, one must look across the field and look at what the hell is going on in Montréal.

Forgive us, but we f*****g totally forgot that that doofus Danny Maciocia was the general manager of the Alouettes who is best known for being a Doug MacKenzie impersonator, “Culo Kookoo Kookoo Koooh, Culo Kookoo Kookoo Kooo!” Welcome to The Great White North, how's it going, eh? Maciocia last coached in this league way back in 2008 when he was with Edmonton. If you were watching back then, you might be having flashbacks right now, as we did, to his dopey, lost in space, “what the f**k am I going to have for dinner?”, facial expressions on the sidelines.

Once the class of this league (for decades!), one only has to look to the Maciocia era in Edmonton to see when the paint on the Elks dynasty began to peel. In 2006 the Elks missed the playoffs for the first time in 35 years. That was under Maciocia. The point is, this dude is a joke, which means the team he runs is a joke. After a 1-3 start, and the firing of head coach Khari Jones, we are now going to get free tickets to this hoser’s clown show. Welcome back to the coaching ranks, Doug, err, Danny.

You can break down the X’s and O’s until you are blue in the face. On no planet can we recommend spotting points like this with an organization that looks to be a mess from the top down. The Elks are a mess as well, but nobody is asking them to lay this kind of heavy lumber. There is only one way we can attack this game and that is by holding our noses, scooping up these inflated points and backing Edmonton. If you don’t like it, you can take off, eh? Ya hosers.

“Culo Kookoo Kookoo Koooh, Culo Kookoo Kookoo Kooo!”

Our Pick

Edmonton +9 -110 (Risking 2.20 units - To Win: 2.00)